Grade 10, Virginia

Im so grateful for my girlfriend and the girl is called Dorothy. I really know that you will like to know something about my girl. So let me tell you something about her. The reason why I said Im so grateful for her is that she helps me sometimes with my Homework and she is a good girl because sometimes when Im with her we read some books , and she tells me what to do to get A and Bs in class and she also
Talks about school all the time. Sometimes when I get some work and I told her she asked me, do you want me to help with your home work?
All thess things let me know that she really wants to help me, and in my work and also want to help me in life because she think about me a let
And I really think that is really good help. So that is why I said Dorothy help me sometimes.
And in addition I will like to thank her for what she has done for me. At the time when I was with her, she gave me advice sometimes. And
She told me to be good in class and I need to do all my home works thank you Dorothy for what you have done. So I really think Dorothy have helps me a lot cause she gave me advice whenever Im with her.

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