New York

By Ames .
Grade 2, New York
Country of Origin: Colombia

My name is Sylvia. I was an immigrant. I came from Colombia to America for a vacation. But when my family saw New York City they decided to stay. Therefore I am an immigrant.

My family came to America around the 1980s. My uncles and cousins came before me in the 1960s. Except they came for a better way of life.

My family came on a plane. For us to be able to come to America we had to show our papers. The papers were called visas. When I got in I settled in Queens. It was not too hard to find a home.

In my native country I was an accountant. But now I work as a sitter. I think it is a great job and I get paid a lot. So now I like America and my home and the way I live.

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