By Muhammad M.
Grade 10, Virginia

Date: Dec\16\2009
Thankful essay
Being grateful means that you want to thank someone because of something kind that he has done. I am thankful for three things. First, I am thankful of my parents, second, I am thankful for my teachers, and I am also thankful for my friends. I am very grateful for my parents because they take care of both me and my sister.
When I wish something, my father gets it for me. If we need something they bring it for us.
One day my father gave me a new computer, when I passed in 9th class.
In Pakistan I am grateful to my teachers because they help me more then I expect. In U.S I am also grateful to my teachers because they also help me. In the U.S, teachers help me very much just like the Pakistan teachers help me. One day I missed some important homework. My teacher called me and said, Amad, you miss your homework in the school, come get your homework.
In my country I was very happy from my family and also I was grateful for class Fellows because they help me. If I missed my school bus, they called their home to ask their Parents to please pick my friend because they miss the school bus. I was very happy to have my friends because they helps me when I miss something. For example if I miss homework, they call me.
First I am very grateful of my parents because they help me in everything. I love my parents, but also I love my teachers because they also help me in everything, and friends have also helps me, and last I am thankful of my god. I am also thankful of my uncle because some time he also give anything at all.

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