By shkorina T.
Grade 9, Virginia

Thankful means feeling glad and grateful that something happened. There are a lot of things that l am thankful for. I am happy to tell you some of them that l am the most thankful for. l am thankful for my uncle Mulgeta, my mother Abeba, my friend Ruta and my God.
Since l was born, l used to live with my uncle Mulget until l was thirteen years old. Mulgeta is a thoughtful uncle. He gave me values, then he pushed me to become a better student. For example, every morning he gave me a ride to school, instead of ride on the bus. Also, he gave me good advice, for example, he told me to study every day to get good grades. The next person that l am thankful for is my mom Abeba. I know l only spent few years with my mother, but in those few years she has been amazing mother. For example, in her free time she takes me shopping, also every Morning she makes delicious breakfast for me. Also when l get sick she buys me some medicines from the hospital. So l am thankful for her for being a lovely mother.
I have known Ruta since l was in first grade. Ruta is one of my best friends. Ruta is a delightful girl. For example, when l started first grade we went to school together and she lives next door to me. Also if somebody come to me and tried to beat me up she will talk to them or she helps me to fight them .We go to school together until 5th grade. l never have been afraid when Ruta is around. Again l am thankful for Ruta for been a really beautiful friend.
Finally l am thankful for God for being a helpful father. l deserve to believe in God. If something happens to me l know that God will always be there for me. l always ask for help from God. For example, sometimes l ask him to go to college when l grow up so l can have a nice job. Also he always protects me from bad things, like l never had a cancer before. Also, he makes me a nice and smart person. Again l am thankful for God that has been there for me.
Thinking back the past 16 years that l spends time with Mulgeta, Abeba, Ruta and God. l am so lucky to have them in my life. That is why l love them. Maybe next year l would like to thank them before l eat my turkey.

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