By Aaisha J.
Grade 10, Virginia

I am happy to know about something new. In the United States all fifty states celebrate the Thanksgiving Day every single year. They are all off from jobs. On that day, school, stores and Government offices are close. People stay at home, eat turkey and give thanks. I am very thankful to know about this, because last year I did not know anything about this celebration. This is my second year in America. Thinking about America familiesí thanks on Thanksgiving made me think about what I am most thankful for.
I am thankful for the country where I live. I live in the United State of America this country is very helpful for immigrants. People can do whatever they want. They can choose different kinds of jobs for themselves. They can choose an apartment to live. They can go to school for free. They can get insurance for doctor. And also the main thing that that we have number to call for emergency. They are ready to come whenever you need help. For example America has many choices and freedoms.
I am most thankful for my teacher because she teaches me a lot. She helps me a lot. Every day she teaches me something new making my life better for my future. For example, if I want to get better job I can get it, because they want to see my school record. Thatís what I am learning now. I am so happy with my teacher.
I am thankful for my own laptop that I got last week. I am really happy that I have a nice lap top. From now on I can do my school homework. I can do whatever I want. It is very expensive. It cost a lot of money. I am so thankful to GOD for giving me so many things like this.
In conclusion I am thankful for being in the United States, I am thankful for my nice teacher, and I am thankful for my laptop. I hope next year before I eat turkey with my family I will say three thanks to GOD. I am so happy to celebrate this kind of holiday. I hope I will celebrate my next Thanksgiving at home with my family.

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