By Dilman G.
Grade 11, Virginia

People from the United Stated celebrate for gratitude. They also celebrate for what they are grateful for. Today Iím grateful for everything, but the most of all Iím grateful for having my two brothers. Iím glad that I have my two brothers, because sometimes you never know when you need them. But brothers are always there for each other. Brothers are there for any emergency, they also are there for you when you need some help. The good thing that Iím really grateful for is my parents, because they brought us to this world. Brothers are always there for you to give you advice.
For me brothers are the best, because they always look up to you. They also are aware for something that we need. One time I had an accident and I called my brother to take me to the hospital, I thought he was going to say no. He got really fast where I was and took me to the hospital. Thatís why Iím really gratitude with them. Basically I do some things to them if they need anything they want me to do Iíll do it. Normally brothers look out for each other, and thatís what I like it too. Otherwise we wouldnít be able to do anything, well there are friends for help too, but sometimes you donít feel comfortable with other people. Today Iím really appreciated with my brothers for the good thing or stuff they have done to me.
One time I had a little problem with girls, so what I did was to talk to my older brother and ask him for advice. I did that because he is the older one and he knows better than I, he also understood what I was talking about. So I explained to him what was going on, and he said sure Iíve been through those problems before. But since that day I realized that brothers really are there for you. I asked my brother a question, and I said what I do when girls cheat on you. So he explained to me and he also gave so many ideas. But that day I asked many questions and he gave me answers for each question that I asked him. At the end of the conversation he told meÖfor anything you need just tell me and Iíll give you answers for it.
The last one that Iím grateful is my beautiful parents. If it wouldnít be for my parents my two brothers and I wouldnít be here in this world. Today as three brothers that we are, we appreciate my parents for taking care of all of us. Sometimes we do wrong things in the future but as family we fix them together, and we always get the winning part. For those people out there should be thankful with their family.
We always look out for each other, and we will continue that until we get older. Iím really happy with that, or for everything that we have done for each other. My brothers and I we are really thankful with my parents too for taking care of their family, and for bringing us to this world.

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