By `4l3x4nd3r `# 17 R.
Grade 11, Virginia

I am thankful for the basic human necessities like health, happiness, a good job and a safe home. One thing that I am thankful for is my family. My family is the best thing that god had gave to me. Every time that I need them, they are always there for me.
For example I spend the most of my time with my older brother Ariel playing soccer, every single Sunday. I am thankful with god to send me the best brother ever. Since we were children, we have been together. My brother and I have enjoyed a lot of beautiful moments together. For example, we went to the school together. If he or I am into a trouble, we try to find out the best way to help each others.
My mom occupies another big space in my life along with my brother. The reason why my mom occupies a big space in my life is, because I spend time with her to talk about what is happened with me. My mom and I spend time together reading a book, watching T.V. or may be playing some games. Sometimes she gets mad at me really quick, but I don't care, because I know that she loves me the same way that I love her too. I am really thankful with my mom.
My dad is the best dad that I ever had. My dad is one of those daddies that some of people wish to have. My dad is really funny. He always tells me that he loves me. Sometimes he plays soccer with my brother and me. He is really nice with all the family. I am really thankful with my dad, because he also spends time with me to be sitting on a chair and thinking or planning a good way to have a better future. He always talks to me in a very beautiful way. He also teaches me the right way to do things. My dad is one of a kind, just like my brother and my mom. Every time that he sees that I am sad, he tries to find the way that will make me feel happy and better.
Each person in my life signifies something very important in my life. All those people are the ones that I speak or write previously signify a lot for me. That's why I am very thanked with God, by sent me special and very precious people to my life. My conclusion of all this, Is, that I am really thankful with all my family for making me feel that they really worry and love me. I love them the same way that they love me. I really appreciated that they always are there when I need someone besides me to speak with.

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