By Gerson D.
Grade 9, Virginia

What I am most thankful for? Iím very thankful for the basic human necessities like money, health and good job. Those three things are the most to me. I am very thankful for these things and without them I wonít be alive.
The first thing Iím very thankful for is the money because everybody needs money .I do need it too .I want to thank god for giving my mom a good job and letting her to not get sick .If she does we have money and that will be bad because without money we wonít be available to pay the bills, everybody needs money.
The second thing Iím very thankful is the health because without my health I wonít be available to play soccer, study and go to work and have fun. If you want to be healthy you must eat vegetables, fruits, milk and some other stuff. Do exercise and you will be healthy and strong.
The last thing Iím very thankful for is a good job. With a good job I can buy whatever I want like shoes cloths and a lot of stuff, with a good job. I will be like somebody you know (rich).first I need to go to college after that I will be available to find a good job.
Finally Iím very thankful for these three things that god is giving me and my mom a lot of stuff, be safe and healthy and give a lot of energy to your work. Everybody in the world should thank God for what heís giving to everybody.
Iím very thankful for everything I have.

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