By Francisco R.
Grade 11, Virginia

I think that everybody in the world has something important and special in their life. Some people are grateful to have their family with them. Some other people are blessed to be together with their special person while they are alive. Especially me, Iím fortunate to have many nice and different things around me. Like some other humans or like how I said before, I am grateful to have my family, my beautiful girlfriend, and my nice friends in my life.
First of all, Iím really happy and thankful to have many important people in my life. Like living and being with my family all the time. It is important to me because I believe that my family always will be there for me. Another reason why my family is special and important for me is because when I feel depressed my mommy is always with me to give me good advice. I know that advice are always important to make better decisions in my life, also I love when my parents come to me and talk about the life difficulties that we, the teenagers pass through.
Another good reason that Iím thankful is because I have my pretty girlfriend with me. Itís important and special at the same time because every time that I am with my girlfriend I feel blessed to have beautiful company close to me. Every time that I spend time with her, I learn something new about her. Like what she likes to do, what is her favorite sport, or what is her favorite food. Also we always share nice things with each other, and I treat my girlfriend in a sweet way and she respond me back at the same way that I do to her. I think thatís a real love what I feel for her.
The next and important thing that Iím thankful for is that my parents are giving me the opportunity for a good education. I believe that thatís really important because if I donít have education then the future could be very hard for me. However if I have an education I can get a better job in my future. Also itís important because I know that I will need this education to be a good manager of any job or even a boss, because I know that companies are just looking for people who just speak English. People who have completed their high school have a better chance to be successful. However people who donít have their own high school diploma have less possibility to get a better job, also better life chances.
Of course, I am so thankful to my parentís they help me get an education, and they have supported me since I was born. My mom works in a restaurant and my dad in construction. Thatís why when they get old; I will get a good job. When Iím old enough to support my parents, and I will give them whatever they need. I want to give them everything because they gave me a lot more when I was a little child. Also, I really want to support them, because I want them to feel proud of me.
In conclusion, people know that have a grateful person or something special in their life they always will be there for you thatís very bless to have it. Thatís why I choose my family, also thankful with god because Iím so bless to have my family with me and greatest things around me. Thatís why I said the entire time thankful god for everything that you had giving to me.

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