By laura R.
Grade 10, Virginia

And I am grateful because the three people I love so much are healthy. Being thankful means to have something Iím thankful to have a wonderful and excellent mom. And Iím also grateful for a nice dad but especially I am grateful for my aunt. She is so special And I thank God for them that they are ok.
Iím grateful to have an excellent mom like the one I have. She is the best because she said she always is going to be with me no matter what. Also I love her because she worries about my health, if Iím ok or not. When I do something that she doesnít like she gets mad with me. For example she doesnít talk with me and doesnít act the same with me she act different
Iím so happy to have an excellent dad like the one I have. He is the best with me. For example when my mom is fighting with me he always defends me. And give me he me what I tell him to give me. But when he is mad with me he doesnít give me anything what I want he give to me but when he is not mad with me. And especially for the opportunities he gave me. Bring me here so I can study here.
I love my aunt so much because when I was little she love me like I was her daughter. She took care of me she gave me food like my mom does and she is still been the same person she goes to my house and ask me if I ready ate or not. She has three children two girls and one boy and I love the three of them. Because she love me and I give the same love to her children and sometimes I take care of the babies like she did when I was the same age of them.
And one more thing Iím thankful to have a nice friend like Gaby she is so nice with me and I like to be with her because she is funny and nice and like to do thing I like to do for example talk in the phone lot and she is an excellent friend
This is why Iím grateful to have these people in my life I love them with all my heart because they are so special in my life. This is

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