By Juan V.
Grade 11, Virginia

Thankful means to be happy for what you have it around yourself. I am so thankful for many things in my life, those things what are make me feel thankful for I was born in el Salvador, came to the united states, and coming to school.
I am thankful for being born in El Salvador. El Salvador taught me to grow and appreciate everything I have. During that time I stayed in El Salvador with my family and friends. For example I did many things like playing soccer and working at culture, like growing corn, and watermelon. So thatís why I am so thankful for born in El Salvador.
Next I came to the United States. Coming to the United States was one of my dreams because most of my family and friends they are in here in the U.S. When I got into the United States I said thank god for beginning again with my family and spending time with them.
Another thing I am thankful for is because I am at school learning English to prepare my life for the future. Even though English isnít easy but if you try your best and working hard would be easy to catch up the language. Now I am trying my best and learning the language little by little.
In conclusion I am thankful for being born in El Salvador, coming to the U.S and being at school, those things make me feel thankful and happy to study hard and prepare myself to help my family and people who need me.

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