By Ana O.
Grade 3, Georgia

Smell the fresh air. To me it does not smell good.It smell bad because if you use alot of gas the sky can get gray.Imagine if this doesn't stop.Do you know were the gas comes from? The gas comes from your car! That's why you should stop using cars. I know you you don't think you do pollution when you drive your car. But the air can get grey and dirty because of your car's gas. I know you think cars aren't dangerous. But I think they are because if you left your car two days a week you would reduce pollution 1,600 pounds per year. You can also crash with others. The people might die. I know you don't think that people die but I do because in 2003 1,991 people were injured. Also, in 2004 there were 4 people that died in Athens. This is why I think you should stop using cars.

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