By dave r.
Grade 4, Florida

i am a rock star i like to read and do more stuff like math.l like more stuff.i like to play with Sam Michael Morgen.i like riding my bike.and help my mom in the house.i like washing her car for $35 a month and that is like every week if it does not rain i always get soaking wet it is so fun.i like taking walks on the beach with my grandpa like every night at 5:30p.p.m ..i like going with all my friends to see the movie avatar i like doing stuff with my grandma to like going shopping and she always say hold my hand in the parking lot and she always say no running in the house and she always calls me Dave like hi Dave and that is way i love my family and even aj even i kind of like him but sometimes he gets me very up set and that is why i love my family

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