By Wei H.
Grade 12, Illinois
Country of Origin: China

I came here because my mom remarried to my step-dad. They got married in 2004, but we have to wait for America government to give us the visa. At that time, I was in seventh grade, and the process didn’t work through until I was tenth grade. When I came here at 2008, I was very scared, even though I was very good at English in China, but not in America. I used to be very quiet, and I didn’t like group work. I didn’t like to talk to people, because people sometimes might not understand what I was talking about—it still happen—and might try to ignore me. At that time, I missed China so much, but now, it is kind of changing. I found a job in a Chinese Restaurant, and I started to talk to different people, and work with different people. I can talk to people –even though my English still not very good; I am use to group work, and I also like to share ideas with people.
Immigrants of the 1900s and early 1900s also had the same problems that I had. Their English was not that good; they cannot talk to people or communicate to other country’s people. They will just stay with the people who was from the same country—which I always want to do! Life was so difficult for immigrants!

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