By Jannet M.
Grade 10, Illinois
Country of Origin: Argentina

I came here because I wanted to have a better education and to learn another language. My dad came to his country when he was little. He had been working here for more than 50 years. Later my dad got married with my mom and they decided to come to the USA. After several years my mom gave birth to the three of us but not the three at the same time. Then my mom returned to Mexico. Ten years later my mom decided to come to the USA again. Months later my mom got pregnant. She gave me a birth. Months later my mom decided to return to Mexico but without my dad. My dad was working for 6 months in here and then he got 6 months free. When he got pension he decided to live in Mexico forever. At the time I decided to come here to study. I did not have problems to come here because I was born in California, so I just took the airplane to come here. Now, Iím living with my sister and her family and also Iím study the High School. Iím learning English as my second language.
I think that my story is different from the immigrants of the 1800s and early 1900s because I just born here, so I do not have problems traveling from USA to Mexico. I think that my dad had some problems coming to this country because he was an immigrant before. Now he is a US Citizen.

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