By Margaret L.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Philippines

Where did you come from?
Wu Tai Shi is Chinese, but she comes from the Philippines.

When did you come to America and what transportation did you take?
She came in 1989 by plane.

Why did you come to America?
Wu Tai Shi came for further medical training. She decided to stay in America after her training.

What were some important possessions you took here?
She barely took anything, she only took some clothes.

Were there any risks or struggles?
One struggle was that Wu Tai Shi was interrogated and unwelcomed.

What were some things you had to leave behind in your country?
She left behind family and friends. Wu Tai Shi misses them a lot.

Were you sad?
Wu Tai Shi had mixed feelings of excitement, sadness, and fear of what was ahead of her.

How long did it take to get to America and where was your destination?
Her trip took about 22 hours to get to America. She came into America through Seattle, Washington.

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