By Frances K.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Poland

I interviewed my grandfather about his mother, Frances Kida, who immigrated to America in 1915.Q: When did she come to America?
A: She came in 1915.
Q: How long did her trip take?
A: She was on a ship for two weeks.
Q: How old was she when she arrived?
A: She was 15 years old.
Q: Why did she come to America?
A: She came to America to have a better life and better opportunities because of all the hard work in Poland.
Q: Who came with her?
A: Many people from her village and also many different nationalities.
Q: Did she come through Ellis Island?
A: She did come through Ellis Island.
Q: What job did she have after she came to America?
A: She worked in a restaurant in Boston, Mass.
Q: Did she have a choice to come to America?
A: She did have choice to come to America.
Q: Did she want to come to America?
A: She wanted a better life.
Q: What was her real name?
A: Francis Kida.
Today, my great-grandmother would be 110 years old. After she came to America, she married and had 7 children. Her husband died when my grandfather was 3 years old from influenza. She went on to raise the children by herself and make a home in Utica, NY.

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