By Sultan H.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Pakistan

1. Q: What were the chores you did?
A: get the groceries, and wash the car.

2. Q: How do you want to be remembered?
A: As a good person who is helpful and caring?

3. Q: What historic event happened where you live?
A: The first women prime minister in Pakistan was elected.

4. Q: What was your favorite activity?
A: It was to play cricket.

5. Q: Describe your childhood home and where it was.
A: A nice place in Karachi, Pakistan.

6. Q: What was your earliest memory?
A: To play with my mini wooden car, and walking in the farm.

7. Q: Say a time youíll never forget.
A: When I got into medical school.

8. Q: Is there something you wish you could do over again.
A: No because Iím happy with all my life.

9. Q: What is something you're really proud of?
A: My children.

10. Q: What is a goal youíre still working towards?
A: Peace and prosperity in the whole world especially in my home country, Pakistan.

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