By pierson b.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

When did you come and where did you come from?
She came from southwest England in 1993 from the county of Cornwall and the city of New Quay.

Why did you come to America?
She wanted more interesting work and wanted more experience in other countries. Also, she wanted to learn more.

What did you bring to America?
She brought many photos of the country side where she lived and many old records because those things reminded her of her home.

Was America what you thought it would be?
Yes and no because she only expected new things so she wasnít surprised with what she saw.

What did you have to leave at home?
She had to leave her cat, Billy, her whole family, and the country side in England.

Was it hard to leave?
At the time it wasnít hard for her, but now it is.

What did you like best about America?
She like all the different opportunities and that America will just get on and try new things when other countries only do things one way and never change.

What risks did you take when you came?
The only risk she had was just leaving her family because now, she canít go back to England and take care of her parents.

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