By Grace M.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Pakistan

Grace: What country did you come from?
Zara: I came from Pakistan.
Grace: How did you feel when you immigrated here?
Zara: I was excited but sad. I was excited to start a new home. I was sad to leave my family, though.
Grace: Why did you immigrate here?
Zara: Well, my husband got a job here.
Grace: Do you have your citizenship now?
Zara: Yes.
Grace: How long did it take?
Zara: I immigrated twice. I came when I was three, and then left when I was eleven. This time, to get my citizenship, it took three or four years.
Grace: When did you immigrate?
Zara: 1998.
Grace: Did your family immigrate also?
Zara: Only my husband at the time had moved here. I came with him.
Grace: What were the requirements?
Zara: I had a green card. I also had a job here and I was coming as a student.
Grace: Do you miss Pakistan?
Zara: Yes, because my family is there.
Grace: How do you compare Pakistan to here?
Zara: (laughing) There is too many things. America is more….organized. There’s opportunities everywhere here.
Grace: Thank you for letting me interview you today.

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