By Zoha A.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: United States

Who are your family members?
Ezad: I have parents who are still living two brothers and one sister.

What was your childhood like?
Ezad: It was a lot of fun growing up with my siblings, playing, and traveling to other family membersí homes.

Why did you leave your country?
Ezad: I came here for advance education and decided to stay.

How did you feel when you left?
Ezad: In the beginning I was lonely; I missed my family and friends.

How did you feel when you became a new immigrant?
Ezad: I had mixed feelings, happy because I had found a new future and opportunities. I was sad because I had become more separated from my family.

How different was your life there?
Ezad: Compared to Pakistan there was more professional satisfaction and a better environment to raise a family.

What were some of your jobs?
Ezad: I worked at a lab, a rowing coach, and then a medical resident.

How much money did you make from those jobs?
Ezad: Not much in the beginning.

What state did you go to?
Ezad: I went to Ohio because my family there.

How were the laws different from your country?
Ezad: The laws were similar but were applied unfairly in my country.

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