By Rob L.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Tanzania

By: Rob

Name: Dieudone

Age: 10

Age when immigrated: 7

What country did you come from?

I came from Tanzania, Africa.

Why did you leave your country?

I left because my parents were leaving. (My parents were leaving
because it was dangerous were we lived.)

Were there any risks involved?

There were no risks.
How did you feel when you left your country?

I felt mad and scared.

What personal item did you bring?

I just brought a few clothes.

How is America different from your old country?

The food was different and there were not roads or stop signs.

Was America like you expected?

It is not like I expected.

Do you want to go back to your old country?

Yes, but just to visit.

How many people did you come with?

I came with 6 other people. They were my mom and dad, my two brothers and my two sisters.

What do you like most about America?

I like that people don't shoot at me and that I am not always hungry.

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