By Eva W.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: United States

My interview of Johannes de Wet!
Questions Answers

1Where are you from? 1South Africa

2What do you speak? 2 Afrikaans and English

3Who is your family? 3 Hannes, Wouter, his wife santie, and Dane

4How old are they? 4 21, 18, and 16

5What do kids 9-10 do? 5 they go to school and everywhere barefoot.

6What sports do they play? 6 Girls play tennis and netball and boys play rugby and cricket.

7Why did they leave? 7 For his job

8 What did they take? 8 They took toys, photographs, and a wood carving

9 Why did they chose the items? 9 they were stuff that you couldn’t replace.

10 If you knew what it was like here would you
Have still came? 10 Yes.

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