By Jackson S.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

1. Q: Where were you born?
A: Newquay, England.
2. Q: Why did you come to the US?
A: To have a better job.
3. Q: Did you enjoy your childhood?
A: Yes, the landscape was great!
4. Q: Did you take anything with you?
A: Yes, but not a lot.
5. Q: What did you bring?
A: Well, I brought some records and a book of English countryside photos.
6: What did you have to leave?
A: A bunch of things like my cat. But especially the countryside.
7. Q: Do you think leaving was a good decision?
A: Yes. I think it was a great idea.
8. Q: Do you have any children?
A: Yes. I have three American children.
9. Q: Where do you plan to retire?
A: I plan to retire and go back to England, but I may not.
10. Q: Do you want your children to live here?
A: Yes. I think they would have a better life with more opportunities if they live here.

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