By Ben F.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Philippines

Reporting: R. Bueno Sr. Departing: Borneo, Philippines, ASA 1963
Voucher: KFB Frigon Arriving: Seattle, Washington, USA 1963

Q: What was a major thing you noticed about America?

A: Segregation. He worked in a hospital in New Jersey and there were white and black bathrooms.

Q: When and why did you come to the states?

A: He came to America in the summer of 1963. He came because his sister had Tetralogy of Fallot (a heart lesion) and he had read of a doctor in Seattle, Washington.

Q: What did you do in America?

A: He went to medical school and settled down there.

Q: Who did you meet in America?

A: A nun named Sister Mary Frances who took them in and took cared of them.

Q: What is different about America than Borneo?

A: Lots of land, food, and riches.

Q: Was your island poor?

A: His Island was very poor. His only possession was an apple box, his whole life.

Q: What was Borneo like?

A: It was underdeveloped and not very modern. The island was split between Christians, Catholics, and Muslims.

Q: What do you like about America?

A: Many things. Yet, most of all, I would say freedom, education, and the right of happiness.

Q: What is an interesting fact?

A: He was in the first class of plastic surgery residents of Vanderbilt University.

Q: What do you miss about Borneo?

A: Family and simplicity.

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