By Corinne s.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: United States

My interview of Sue Bartlett
Questions black Answers red

1. Why did you leave your country?
2. She met someone in America.
3. What were you glad that you left?
4. She was glad that she left the weather.
5. What was the weather like?
6. It rained so much in London.
7. What was your job in your country?
8. She didn’t have a job because she was in college.
9. Do you still have family members in England?
10. She has a brother and a dad still living in England.
11. What did you eat in your country?
12. She ate shepherd’s pie, scotch eggs, and French bread.
13. What do you miss from your country?
14. She misses the grass courts and her family.
15. Do you see a difference between here and your country?
16. Everything’s smaller in London.
17. What did you wear in your country?
18. She liked to wear hot pants.
19. What music did you listen to?
20. She liked all British bands.

immigrant from London, England

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