By Rebecca A.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: United States

Mrs.Frau kizer Rebecca
Question; Where do you come from?
Answer-Southeast country Cornwall in England

Why did you leave your country?
Answer-She wanted better work opportunities and to learn more about different countries

Question-How did you feel as an immigrant to America?
Answer-She was excited, because she knew she would have more adventure

Question-How will your life be different in America?
Answer-She says there are many new things to do and there is a lot more driving.

Question-Did your whole family go to America?
Answer-No, she was the only one.

Question-Where you a child our adult when you left your country?
Answer-An adult, she was 26.

Question-Would you ever wish to return to your country?
Answer-No, she loves the American ways and so do her children

Question-What are some goals you are wishing to work toward?
Answer-Her goals are to see more parts of America.

Question-Where there any risks involved?
Answer-It was leaving her family.

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