By Matthew D.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

How was it leaving your country?
It was very exciting; I wanted to see the world!
How is your life different in America?
I have to use a car a lot. I also get to meet a lot of nice people.
How did you feel as a new immigrant?
It was another adventure. I have been to a lot of countries and wanted another adventure.
Was it hard to leave your family?
It was not hard to leave my family, now it is because it is hard to visit
What are the requirements to become an American Citizen?
Have to do paperwork, get fingerprints, look at your background, and an interview.
What made you want to become an American Citizen?
I wanted to become an American Citizen because of the free options.
What was hard to adjust to in America?
Getting up early was the hard thing to adjust to.

Were you at all nervous during this time?
I was really nervous on the plane here.
Was it a lifelong dream to travel to America?
It was a lifelong dream just to travel. I really wanted to go to Australia.

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