By Abagaile B.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Germany

1. Tell us about your family.
• What country did you come from? He came from Germany.
• Who are your family members? His family members are my Mother and Father.
• What is your name? His name is Emil Willy Fisher.
• How old were you when you came to America? He was 14.
2. Tell us about leaving your country.
• Why did you leave your country? His father was living there and we were having problems in Germany.
• Were there any major risks involved? There were not any risks involved.
3. Tell us what is important to you.
• What personal things did you bring to America? He brought clothes/shoes and special things.
4. Other questions
5. How did you feel as a new immigrant coming to America? He was happy to be there but frightened.
6. How was your life different in America? He had a better life but sill frightened.
7. Which Island did you stop at Ellis or Angle Island? He didn’t stop at either one because his dad already lived there.
8. How did going to America work out? He did very well in life.

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