By Isaac H.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

I interviewed Sarah Wolverton. She is an English citizen who is living in America with her husband, Joe, but Sarah is not an American citizen. She emigrated from England to the United States.

Her job in England was as elementary school teacher. She taught year four in England, which is the same as third grade in America. She does not have a job yet in America, but is applying for one.

The first time Sarah came to America was when she was16 years old. She decided to move to America after she met Joe Wolverton. When trying to move into the country, she had to bring record of vaccinations, but since Sarah had traveled out of England a lot England did not have a record of the shots so she had to have the vaccinations again

Moving to another country was very emotional. She was nervous that she might not be able to stay in America with her husband. At the same, she was sad about leaving her family back in England. Because of technology, however, she can see her family by using webcams.

Sarah received a Green Card ten months after her honeymoon with Joe. They did not go out of the United State for their honeymoon planned for Mexico because Sarah was afraid she would not be let back into the United State. The Green Card has a finger print and a picture of her on it.

Sarah is happy to be in America. She worked hard to be legally. It cost a lot of money and she had to fill out a lot of paperwork. She said that she did not think it was fair for others to sneak into the illegally when she had spent time and money to make sure did it legally.

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