By MacKenzie J.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Germany

Immigrant interview
.Where were you born?
I was born in Leukersdorf Germany. I was born in east Germany but then moved to west Germany
.How old were you when you moved to America?
I was 22 years old
.Why did you move to America?
I came because I got married
.Did you have family in America before you came?
Yes I had an aunt
Do you still have family in Germany?
Yes I do.
.How long have you lived in America?
I've lived in America 46 years.
.Was it tough and sad to move?
It was tough because I didn't speak English.
What do you miss most about Germany?
I miss my family and the holidays.
.Do you want to go back to visit Germany?
I will go back to Germany to visit.
.Have you been back?
Yes I have.
What are the difference between west Germany and America?
The only real difference is that America has more Freedom. But nothing else really.

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