By Meher M.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Pakistan

Interviewing My Dad on His Immigration
By: Meher

Me: What country did you immigrate from?
My Dad: I immigrated from Pakistan.
Me: Why did you leave Pakistan?
My Dad: I left for a better education and a better life for my family.
Me: Were there any risks involved?
My Dad: No, not at all?
Me: How did you feel when you left Pakistan?
My Dad: I missed my family and parents a lot.
Me: What special items did you leave behind?
My Dad: My childhood photographs.
Me: Did you personally want to come to America?
My Dad: Yes, I did.
Me: Why?
My Dad: I thought the American societies had more
opportunities and religious freedom.
Me: How old were you when you immigrated?
My Dad: Twenty-four (24).
Me: What year come to America?
My Dad: 1998.
Me: Who came with you?
My Dad: My wife, your mom.
Me: How did you come here?
My Dad: I came here by plane.
Me: What did you do when you came to America?
My Dad: I attended a medical residency.

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