By Mac H.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Chile

Mac #5 Immigration questions about Hilda
Where did you immigrate from?
I immigrated from Chile in South America in 1971!
Are you an American citizen?
Yes, I became one twenty years ago!
What do you like about the U.S?
I like the freedom of speech most.
What do you miss about your homeland?
I miss my family most!
Where do you live in the U.S?
I live in New York City.
What year did you immigrate?
I immigrated December 17, 1971.
When did you arrive in the U.S?
I arrived 20 years ago!
Do you still visit your homeland?
Every 7-9 years I do.
Does any of your family still live there?
Only a little bit of my family lives there like cousins.
What opportunities do you have here that you did not have in your homeland?
I get to have a job and I get to work here!

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