By Lauren C.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Mexico

Senora Laura Goetz

1. What do you want to do now that you’re in the U.S?
She wants to continue working as a Spanish teacher.
2. How many years did you live in Mexico?
She lived there for 30 years.
3. How many years have you been living in the U.S?
She has been living in the U.S. for 13 years.
4. What are your favorite types of food?
Her favorite types of foods are Mexican food and Hotdogs.
5. What did you enjoy doing when you were a child?
She liked traveling with her family.
6. Did you play any sports when you were a child?
She played Volleyball.
7. What was your favorite subject in school?
Her favorite subject was LA.
8. Would you ever consider moving to Mexico?
She thought about it but, she wasn’t going to because of her girls.
9. Where are your favorite places to travel?
She likes big cities.
10. Which do you like better the U.S. or Mexico?
She likes them equal.
11. Do you play a musical instrument?
She played the guitar.
12. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV?
Her favorite thing to watch on TV is soccer.
13. Do you like to travel places?
She loves to travel places.
14. Do have any family members in the U.S?
She has a sister.
15. Why did you leave Mexico?
She moved to marry an American citizen.

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