By Katianna M.
Grade 5, Arizona
Country of Origin: Philippines

I sat down and had a interview with an immagant today and she is very pretty and nice. her name is linda she immagrated from the philippines in 1960 to further her studies. when she came here she was 20 years old and she came here by herself.when she came to america she brought along with her a couple of costumes from her country. She worked as a hospital administrator for the state of California. She is now retired and living in Arizona with her 2 grandchildren Katianna and Hailey . she also says life in america is beautiful.when she went to school in her country it was much harder than the schools here in the u.s. What she used to do in her country for fun was just play but now that she is grown up she lkes to go to coffee with her freinds and play cards with them. She is very happy about her decision that she made to come to america!

That was my interview with an immigrant.

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