New York

By James .
Grade 2, New York
Country of Origin: Macedonia

I am Vesna. I came from Macedonia (Eastern Europe) in 1976. I had no choice to come to America because my parents brought me over but their reason was to make a better life for us.

My uncle (my mom's brother) came to America probably about six years before we came. Once again, where I come from, people really don't have much opportunity for growth and a better quality of life. You have to move and find something better.

I don't remember anything that I took that was special. I was born in a little village and didn't have any toys. I remember rolling up a towel and pretending that it was my baby.

We stayed in California where my uncle who sponsored us lived. After a year, my parents, especially my mom, felt very lonely so we moved to New Jersey where there were more people that we knew.

It was difficult to find a new home. A cousin finally found one for us. I remember this big, empty apartment that was our new home. It was strange, but we made it our home.

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