New York

By Peter .
Grade 2, New York
Country of Origin: Austria

I came from Austria on August 21, 1958. I came to America to have a better life. Two brothers and a sister came before me in 1950 to America.

After World War II we lived in a camp in Austria and we were poor. So we came to America. I brought a tablecloth with me because I made it with my hands.

I came on a ship. It took 7 days and I was very seasick. To me it was a long trip. My brother sent me the papers. Then I had to go to Vienna to the consulate and to the Health Department to get shots. When I got to America it was so beautiful--all those big buildings and the lights at night and the subway!!! I had never seen anything like that in Austria.

I settled in New York because I had a lot of family here--uncles, aunts, brothers and a sister. I lived with my brother in an apartment.

I worked on a farm in Austria with my parents. Then I worked in a knitting mill for two years. Then I worked in Connecticut as a housekeeper.

It was not difficult because my family helped me find a job. First I was very homesick. I missed my parents. After a few years I met many friends and I have been very happy. I think the people have been very friendly. I would not want to live in another country. I love it here. America is beautiful!

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