North Carolina

By Michelle M.
Grade 10, North Carolina

My Grandma Ann witnessed the celebration of Victory-in-Japan Day in Time Square, New York. Ann's uncle worked in a bank that overlooked Time Square. He brought Ann, her sister, and her cousin into his office building. My grandma remembered looking down onto the streets. She saw people dancing, people playing music on their trumpets and other instruments, and people with balloons celebrating. Ann remembers all of the restaurants she could see from the office. People were comming out of the streets with Cokes in their hands to join the celebration. My grandma has fond memories of this fun experience, even though she did not celebrate in the crowded streets with most of the people and service men. At the end of the day, my grandma remembered going home on the subway. This was not an ordinary subway ride because the celebrating continued even here. On the subway there was much cheering and laughing for the whole ride. Ann felt the excitement and joy of the celebration was intensified when she saw all of the service men and soldiers celebrating and being so happy that the war was finally over.

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