North Carolina

By Nathan W.
Grade 10, North Carolina

During the fall of 1954, while my grandmother was pregnant with my uncle Russell, she was an eyewitness to Hurricane Hazel, one of the greatest natural disasters ever to hit North Carolina. It was October 15, and my grandmother was teaching at Graham High School when the category 4 hurricane warning came. All the students had to be evacuated before any teachers could leave. All that mattered to my grandmother was making sure the children were safe.
Finally she made it to the safety of her own home. Making sure to lock all the windows and doors, my grandmother found the most secure position of her house and slept out the tempest.
The morning brought with it havoc and destruction to the piedmont region. Thousands of power lines had been severed; it was obvious the power would be out for too long. In addition to no power numerous trees had fallen and the debris was everywhere. Later my grandmother would find out that around 54,000 structures had either been damaged or destroyed, and she had been spared.
Hurricane Hazel was one of the most destructive hurricanes to cross the United States and my grandmother witnessed the whole thing.

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