North Carolina

By Alec J.
Grade 10, North Carolina

On October 1993, the year before I was born, the Laguna Canyon swept across the Laguna Beach area. My big sister was born several months before, and she was not even a year old. My dad was at home with her and my mo called from work to ask him if he could see the fire that broke out earlier that day. Not expecting to see anything very big, my dad went to the window and looked out. My dad recalled that at 11:00 in the morning, the sky was black with smoke from the fire. The fire was a very fast traveling fire, it traveled 9 miles in half an hour, and because of this the police and firefighters were very aggressive in initiating the evacuation of much of that area. My mother recalled that it was very common for people to throw all of their belongings into their pool before they left to the evacuation site, so it would be safe when they returned. After hearing the newws of people being evacuated, my motherhads learned that my Great Uncle Bruce was being evacuated to the Laguna Beach High School. Because he was elderly and lived alone, my father went to get him, so he could be with my family. When my fathr arrived at the high school, it was shut down, and all of the people had been moved to another place, because parts of the school had begun to catch on fire. When my mother arrived home from work, my father and her collected all of the family pictures, and a small amount of money and clothes, just incase we were evacuated. We were not evacuated, and the next day it looked like it had snowed in California because of all the ash. We have sonce moved to North Carolina, and my Uncle Bruce was eventually okay.

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