North Carolina

By Lauren N.
Grade 10, North Carolina

In 1987, my grandpa was newly assigned to aeronautical services which ment he was responsible for dealing with plane crashes, damages, etc. The office was located in the police and emergency building near the bay runway which is fifteen thousand feet long and the preferred landing runway for the airport. The runway is normally closed until two o'clock, gennerally planes from Europe land on this runway. My grandpa was in a safety class when there was an unusual sound, he checked the radio and checked with the duty manager to see what was going on. A British airways concord was diverted to kennedy airport due to a malfunction with the hydrolics system. The flight was diverted to Kennedy because of the long runway. The plane landed on the runway so hard that all the tires on the left side of the plane exploded. The plane ended up going off the runway and getting stuck in the sand. This was at 10:45, only a couple hours until the runway would need to be opened or it would cause many delays. They brought out stair attached to the back of a truck and safetly got everyone out of the plane. They were running out of time to clear the runway. My grandpa called the maintance men to bring shovels and digging equipment. My grandpa and the maintance men dug a trench and put cargo palets in the trench so that the plane wouldnt keep sinking in the sand well they tried to pull it out. Slowly pulled the plane out so they wouldnt collapse the landing gear. They got the plane out just in time, right at two o'clock, had the runway open by 2:15 and had few delays.

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