North Carolina

By Matthew O.
Grade 10, North Carolina

September 11th 2001 started off as a normal day for my father, but ended up as a day that he would remember for the rest of his life. He woke up, took me and my sister to school and then went to the store before going home to get on an important conference call. On the way home though, he heard very disturbing news, a plane had crashed into the twin towers. He arrived home right after that and went into his office and got on his imprtant call, so he didn't hear any more news for a few hours. By the time his call was over, it was all over. He turned on the news to see what had happened and he was in shock from what he saw. It was a scene of terror and like nothing he had ever seen before. Terrorists had hijacked planes and flown them into the twin towers and world trade center. Thousands of people were dead and the entire country was in in a state of shock. The entire country was outraged and demanded action. Nobody knew if it was over, and was afraid of what might happen next. After all the initial shock had worn off he wondered what type of people would do this to our country. He says that the country hasn't been the same since that day, and probably will never be the same again.

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