North Carolina

By Nathan A.
Grade 10, North Carolina

My mother once lived in a duplex once as a young married woman.

She remembers a swing out in front of her house suspended from a tree. The swing was made of old wood and the red paint was chipping in very many places. In front of the tree stretched a sidewalk.

My mom enjoyed going out to the swing whenever she had something to ponder over. One day crisp winter afternoon, she went out to ponder over whether to move to a certain place or not. As she was swinging, the warped wood snapped and she flew onto the cement sidewalk in front of her. Her head throbbed, and she felt it with her hand. When she saw her hand, it was red and wet.

That day, she sat there on the sidewalk and held her head with all her might. Even though my father came out to bring her to the hospital, she refused to move. After the bleeding stopped, she decided that this was some sort of omen saying not to move any time soon.

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