North Carolina

By Ben R.
Grade 10, North Carolina

The biggest historical event my dad remembers is the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It happened on November 22nd, 1963. My dad was eight years old, sitting in his third grade classroom. His teacher Mrs. Simpson was in the classroom with the students, when Mr. Lazio, the janitor, came in and interrupted the class. Mr. Lazio was always a happy guy, but he had a very worried look on his face. He was holding a transistor radio, and told the class that the president had been shot. Later, after my dad got home, everyone was watching the news. That night he had to go down to get something out of the cellar, which wasn't unusual. But Lee Harvey Auswalt hadn't been caught yet, so my dad was scared to go down there. He was afraid that the killer could be hiding down there.

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