North Carolina

By Sarah F.
Grade 10, North Carolina

I interviewed my mother, wanting to learn more about her. I asked her to tell me about an event that changed her life. She decided to tell me about the effects of the September 11th attacks on her life. My mother was not involved in the terrorist attacks directly, but the event still had an impact on her life.

On September 11, 2001, my mom heard an announcement about the attacks on the radio. It did sound out of the ordinary to her, but she disregarded the news and continued on with her day. When she kept hearing news of the attacks, she began to worry. It became apparent to her that someone was trying to harm the people of the United States and ruin our way of life. She sat in front of the television for the remainder of the day, listening to the latest updates on the tragedy.

My mother was terrified. Not so much for her safety, but for the realization of how quickly things can change. She had an extreme feeling of gratitude towards her family and all of her belongings- her life in general. She realized how easy it is to take freedom for granted. My mother became much more thankful for everything in her life, and made an effort to thank every person who had influenced her life in any way. Overall, the major change in her life came in the form of gratitude. She felt lucky beyond compare to have everything she has.

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