North Carolina

By Serene I.
Grade 10, North Carolina

My mother remembers witnessing hurricane Fran and she says it was one of the most terrifying experiences of her thirty seven year old life. At the time it was my mother, me, my little brother, my older brother and her mom at home alone. It happened September 6th, 1996. I was only a year old, so I dont remember anything.

We were said to be having breakfast when my mother turned on the T.V. and it did not work. She looked outside and saw grayish black clouds, rain flooding the streets, and wind thrashing violently. Till this day I burn my mother about her being absentminded in the bigest situations. We quickly took cover in our basement, and were never warned about the suprise attack hurricane. My older brother, the age of four at the time was crying louder than the noise outside, at least how my mother put it. Me and my little brother were much to young to even know what being scarred was, so we did the only thing that we could do, sleep.

My grandma said she wasnt to frightened, but I know deep down she was petrified. I guess she did not want to add to all the rest of the stress going on in the household. My mom said she did not sleep for a very long time after the hurricane. She was happy that it ended fast and no one in the family had been hurt. My mother said when you would go outside, there was no outside. Everything was destroyed, misplaced, or gone. Thank god it ended when it did.

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