North Carolina

By Susannah D.
Grade 10, North Carolina

My mother went to Winthrop University in South Carolina in the year of nineteen eightynine. She was the RA on duty the night that Hurricane Hugo came through. She was stuck in a dorm building with lot of screaming, scared college girls her age and younger while there was a category five hurricane rolling through their little town of Rock Hill.
Half way through the night they lost all power; water, electricity, gas. The wind was pulling shingles off the roof and the wind was howling like a pack of wolfs howling to the moon on a cloudlessnight; except that there was clouds, and rain, and hail.
At this time it was still an all girls campus so they were all girls, in a hurricane, in a dorm, scared out of there minds and my mom had to try and keep them calm and safe. She said she had girls crying, screaming, running around. This was all before radio, television, and celll phones. They just had to sit it out and hope it all turned ok.
It did end up being just fine. Nobody was hurt, nobody was lost, everybody was ok. It could have been a lot worse, but it all turned out ok.

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