North Carolina

By NaTanya S.
Grade 10, North Carolina

I interviewed my aunt. After interviewing her i have learned alot about her and about the type of person she is. She is very brave and courageous. Where she showed the most courage in her entire life was the day of September 11, 2001.

My Aunt is a very courageous person because she was involved in 9/11. She has done some courageous things before but nothing as extreme as this.

What did you do on the day of September 11,2001? She saved herself and others in the pentagon. What Was Everyones Emotion on that day? That was a sad day for everyone especially the people who's family or friends lifes where taken.
What happen while you were workinq? She told me that after they hit the building that it started to collapse but luckily she was on the first floor at the time but she worked on the fourth.

How did you React to the situation? She was so scared and afraid but she was mainly in shock. she told everybody to evacuate the building after getting herself out and others. How did you react after you couldn't save everyone? she couldnt save everybody and I know that hurt her but not just her everybody not only the people's family who's lifes where taken but EVERYONE.
Do You think people are still in mourning since 9/11? She said yes because that was a tragic day for everyone nobody will ever forget what happen and the peoples lifes that were taken and familys that were destroyed but all we can do is pray and honor those people.

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