North Carolina

By Hannah H.
Grade 10, North Carolina

On August 2, 1990 Iraq invaded the country of Kuwait thus starting the Persian Gulf War, better known as the Gulf War. Several countries became involved in this war including Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and the Untied States.
At the time George H.W. Bush was the president of the United States. Colin Powell was the Secretary of the Armed Forces, and Norman Schwarzkoph, better known as Stormin Norman, commanded the United States troops. Saddam Hussein was the leader of Iraq.
The invasion of Untied States troops into Iraq was announced over national television in 1990. Many began to fear that Syria would attack Israel, a close ally to the United States. It was also feared that Iran would soon be involved in the war and use Russian nuclear weapons to attack the United States.
The biggest fear of the American people was that the war would develop to be World War III, since it had been long speculated that the next World War would be in the Middle East. But all fears were put to rest when the war came to an end on February ,1991 only have lasting six months.

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