North Carolina

By prativa k.
Grade 10, North Carolina

Britain took over India. India at that time was the most valuable thing, the British had. British interests play off one leader against another and seek to divide and rule the Indian provinces. First, some Indians were fine with the British taking over. When the British started using cow and pigs fat on the gun, they started to rebel. It was wrong toward the Indians because Indians were mostly Muslim and Hinduism. For Muslim, itís against their religion to eat pig meat or kill pig. As for Hindu people, a cow is like a god to them. The Indians started getting really mad. That's when the real started. The Muslim and the Hindu people hated each other. So, it was really hard for them to work with each other. Then Ghandi came in. He thought people to be calm, patient, and loving. He said that India could get independence without fighting. He got a lot of Indian and the just protested with violence. The just walked a lot. Later on, the British people decided to go back. After the war, India decided to separate. Hindu people got India, and Muslim people got Pakistan.

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